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If you have a bank account, e-money account or prepaid card, you probably have access to an online banking app. If you haven’t accessed yours yet or you are wondering how to access banking payment services, we’re here to cover how to get online banking, how banking apps work and what they do.

What is online banking?

Online banking is a way of accessing your bank account on the internet, through a website or app. Three quarters of people in the UK have an online banking account and use it to manage their finances day to day.

Why should I use online banking?

While you might think of your money as a stack of physical cash, it’s really just numbers in a computer. As it’s all digital, you don’t need to go to the bank or a cash machine to move and access your money anymore. Instead, you can do it on your smartphone or computer from anywhere with an internet connection, which is much more convenient for most.

How to get online banking

Online banking is a basic feature of almost every bank account. Here’s how we make the process as simple as possible.


  • Submit your personal details through our sign up process
  • Set up your security questions and 4 digit security number – make sure you keep them safe, you’ll need them!
  • If your application is successful, we’ll let you know straight away.
  • We’ll then send a welcome email to the address provided, which will contain your new sort code, account number and customer ID.
  • Using your sort code and account number, you can immediately have money paid into your Vox Money account.

Mobile App

  • Visit the iTunes or Google Play store. Search ‘Vox Money’ and download our mobile app.
  • Start your application and submit your personal details through the ‘Create One’ button.
  • Set up your security questions, 4-digit secret number and 6-digit passcode. You will be sent several verification codes (via SMS) throughout the process.
  • You can then have money paid into your Vox Money account using your sort code and account number.

How to download a banking app

If you want to manage your account from your smartphone or tablet, the easiest way to do this is by downloading an app.

The most common way to download your bank’s app is through your phone’s App Store. Our app is available for both iPhone and Android, which can be downloaded to most devices.

How do banking apps work?

Just like your online account, you can carry out quick transactions on the go. It’s even more convenient than online banking on a computer as most people with a smartphone have an internet connection all the time, meaning that you can quickly move money and pay others in seconds while you’re out and about.

What kind of banking app can I get?

While traditional banks have an app, many banks, including ours, are entirely digital. With no big expenditure on running branches, our focus is entirely placed on delivering the best experience possible in the app.

When you sign up for a bank account, it can take up to 10 days to get started as you wait on admin and for your card to physically arrive. With an e-money account, you’re set up in minutes and good to go and make a start on moving and managing your money.

Just because we’re fully digital, it doesn’t mean we don’t deliver the same, if not better, level of customer service. Helplines and in-app support is provided, so there’s no need to waste an afternoon going into town and queueing in a branch or trying to make an appointment with elusive managers. The support is there when you need it, and it’s more efficient than it’s ever been.

Are banking apps safe?

Banking apps are very safe. The data stored is encrypted, so the only way someone can access your account is if they learn your password and manually put it into the app on only your device, which would be very difficult to do without you knowing about it.

As part of the Visa family, we’ve got one of the biggest companies in the world behind us. This means that our customers’ transactions are protected by Visa Chargeback scheme, which allows many people who have not received what they paid for to get their money back. As well as your details being protected, so is your account activity.

Like the idea of moving into this century with the way you pay? Sign up for a Vox Money account now!

Our team is on hand to help you make the quick switch from your current bank. Visit our FAQs to find out how we make the move as smooth as possible.

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