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As a loyal customer, we believe you should be rewarded for saving and spending your money with your Vox Money account. Cashback is a brilliant reward we offer to our customers, as it allows them to earn money just for going about their usual business.

We cover what cashback is, how it works and where our customers can get it.

What is cashback?

Cashback is a rewards system that allows you to get a percentage of the money you spend credited back to your card when spending with participating retailers.

You can earn cashback on a variety of goods and services, from your local supermarket to a meal out.

How do I get cashback from my debit card?

The good news is that you can keep spending on your Vox Money Debit Card as you usually would. As long as you’re using your debit card at the retailers we’re partnered up with, you’ll get automatic cashback credited to your account monthly.

What is automatic cashback and how does it work?

Automatic cashback means that you don’t need to do anything apart from use your Vox Money card. Cashback is done through our secure system.

Each retailer has an ID, just like you have an Account Number. When you have a transaction with the ID of a participating retailer, our system picks it up, sees how much you spent and gives you a percentage of that transaction back.

As random numbers on a screen, your personal details are never shown to retailers, so there’s no need to worry about getting emails from our cashback partners unless you’ve signed up for their newsletter.

Is cashback available for all customers?

All of our customers are eligible to receive rewards, and it’s a feature that’s available as soon as you activate your card. If the rewards scheme is news to you and you’re already a customer, check your statements. It’s likely that you’ve earned rewards without even knowing it!

How is it different from a cashback website?

A Vox Money Debit Card offers a much simpler experience than a cashback website as all you need is your card. There’s no messing around with sign ups, fees to access premium features and certain retailers, or making sure you buy through specific links – is all that effort even worth the savings?

All of our customers benefit from our rewards cashback. There’s no need to sign up for the scheme or log your purchases. We’ll do all the work while you enjoy spending.

Why should I use my Vox Money card instead of my credit card?

It’s true, most credit cards have their own cashback rewards programme to encourage you to spend. However, your Vox Money Debit Card has no interest charges whereas your credit card does if your balance isn’t paid in full. The interest added onto your credit card will likely cancel out the amount of cashback you’ll receive. You should also take into consideration the annual fees for the credit card. With a credit card, you could be losing money instead of getting it back.

How long does cashback take to come through?

At the end of each month, all of your rewards will be added up. Instead of adding your rewards to your account one by one, we’ve found that our customers prefer it to be added in a lump sum – after all, a bigger number feels a lot more rewarding!

You’ll find your rewards money in your account at the end of the following month. To view your rewards and see how much cashback you’ve earned, you can visit the overview in Your Account. Any rewards will also show up in your monthly statement once they’ve been credited onto your card.

How much cashback will I get?

The amount of cashback you’ll receive depends on who you spend with. Each participating retailer offers a different percentage of cashback. We’d recommend taking a look at the retailers before making a purchase decision based on the rewards they offer.

For example, ASDA and Sainsbury’s both offer 3 percent cashback on purchases. This will see you get a large amount of rewards if you do your regular grocery shop there. While it seems like a small saving, you’ll likely be getting back at least £50 a year.

Our participating retailers offer cashback of up to a whopping 13 percent and include huge names like Argos (3 percent), H Samuel (8 percent) and New Look (8 percent). To see the full list of retailers you can earn cashback with, click here.

If you’ve not signed up for a Vox Money card, you’re missing out on some top cashback opportunities! The sign up process takes a few moments – do it now and get saving!

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