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Sometimes, you deserve a treat – there’s no doubt about it! But we’re all guilty of going a little overboard every now and then and finding ourselves a little shorter on spends than we’d like. If you find yourself overspending, we’ve got a few tips on how to stop spending money when you should be saving instead!

Stop spending money on food

No, we don’t mean your weekly shop, we mean those takeaways that add up! Apparently the average person spends £451 a year on takeaways – seems like a lot of money, right?

Before you reach for the menu, why not think about having a “fakeaway”? For just a fraction of the cost, you can whip up your very own takeaway in the time it would usually take for your order to arrive.

Stop spending money online

With offers like free delivery and endless sales, shopping online can seem irresistible at times. However, there are ways you can stop overspending on Amazon, ASOS and other shopping sites.


Getting a new deal in your emails every single day can make you want to click through, and before you know it your basket is full. Removing this temptation without deleting your account is easy – simply scroll to the bottom of your latest email and click on ‘unsubscribe’!

Delete your apps

Ever find yourself mindlessly scrolling your favourite apps for some treats? It’s time to cut that habit. Deleting the apps for the stores you spend the most amount of money in can help stop you from buying that extra pair of shoes!

Gift vouchers

If you’ve been savvy enough to sort a monthly budget, with some allowance for clothes or other treats, there are ways you can ensure you can’t overspend. Removing your payment details from your online accounts and buying a gift card each month will guarantee that you don’t go over your budget.

Gift cards also cut out unnecessary purchases as you’ll only be able to redeem your voucher at one location.

We’d also recommend you check out our rewards partners – you may get some money back on your purchases the following month!

Apps to help you stop spending money

Getting into a new habit of budgeting can be tough, but there are many apps that can do the maths for you, so you can focus on saving.

The Vox Money app has budgeting tools, so you can figure out how much you have for treats, and what you need to save to pay the bills. There are also wallets to move your money into, so you can keep your savings tucked away without the temptation of spending.

Sign up for a Vox Money Account today for a revolutionary way of managing your money!

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