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Are you looking to save money in 2021? Whether it’s for a special occasion or to simply get into better money habits, we’ve got some simple saving tips to help you reach your savings goals.


Looking for easy ways to save money? One way is by keeping a track of your monthly outgoings. This way, you can get a better idea of where your money goes and also identify the unnecessary areas where you could cut back your spending.

Another way you can keep track of expenses is through using account wallets to help you plan out when payments are due. Through our app, you can create up to five account wallets in just a few taps, helping you budget your bills and monthly outgoings.

Read more about using our Budgeting Tools here.

Save on groceries

Do you often find you spend too much on grocery shopping? Yes, we can safely say we’re all guilty of having our attention grabbed by the latest offer or a new product on the shelf. But there are some tips to try out to help you cut down on those impulse buys.

Plan your meals out in advance and make a shopping list ahead of your trip. Why not try swapping from named brands to supermarkets’ own versions of items on your list too? You’ll probably find the tastes aren’t that dissimilar.

You could also use a price comparison website to find out which supermarket stocks the items on your shopping list at the cheapest price to help you to be more financially savvy.

Do your food shopping in the evenings as this is when stock tends to get reduced, so you can bag yourself a bargain. And lastly, never go to the supermarket hungry! Research has shown that shopping when hungry can result in spending up to 64% more.

Utilise coupons and vouchers

From grocery shopping and takeaways to the online high street, there’s plenty of savings to be had! Many retailers offer loyalty coupons or discount vouchers – all you have to do is do a quick search online.

Cut back the takeaways

Find that you spend too much on takeaways? Why not make your own versions of popular restaurant meals by finding lookalike recipes online and buying your own ingredients.

Switch to annual payments

If you’re currently paying for subscriptions in monthly installments, it’s worth considering switching to annual payments instead. It can often work out cheaper overall. Any money saved through paying annually could be used for achieving your savings goals.

Switch your energy bills

Did you know you can often end up penalised and paying a higher cost by your energy supplier for simply being a loyal customer?

Use price comparison websites to find out where you could get your bills cheaper and ask if your current supplier can match the cost. If they’re unable to, simply make the switch to the cheaper provider.

It’s not just energy bills you can use price comparison websites for, you can also look at competitor deals for internet providers, car insurance and mobile phone deals.

Heed our warning though. While comparison sites can help you to shop around and get an idea of what’s available, they also receive commission from the suppliers when a new customer sign ups, so the results can often be biased.

Learn more about how you can save money on household bills here.

Get involved with cashback & rewards programmes

Did you know many retailers offer cashback and other rewards for loyalty?

The way cashback schemes work is you pay for your goods in store or online. Then, any cashback will be combined and sent to your account as a lump sum at the end of the following month.

When you use your Vox Money Card at our retail partners, you could get up to 13% cashback. Our national partners include superstores Asda, Sainsburys, Argos, and Marks and Spencer, retailers like H. Samuel, New Look and Nike, and restaurants such as Bella Italia and Pizza Express.

Read more about our Rewards partners here.

Set a money saving challenge

How about setting yourself a money saving challenge? We’ve got a list of money saving ideas to help you.

Whichever you decide as the best way to save money, we can help you to manage your money right from your pocket. Sign up for a Vox Money account today.

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