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How to use your Vox Money account

We can’t wait for you to start using your new Vox Money account. To help you get set up and making the most of your online account and mobile app, we’ve put together a guide to using your account.

Creating your Vox Money account

Sign up to Vox by completing our online application, but don’t forget we’re an exclusive account for our selected partners so you may first have to check that your local community group is a Vox partner. You can do this by using our postcode lookup.

To create your Vox Money account, follow these steps:

Step 1: Check that your local community group is a Vox partner.

Step 2: Visit your local community group website

Step 3: Locate the Vox Money ‘Apply Now’ banner to access the application.

Step 4: Complete the online application and hit submit.

Step 5: On successfully completing the application, you will be sent an email with your account information: Sort Code, Account Number and Customer ID. Remember to keep your Customer ID number handy as you will need this every time you login.

Step 6: Once you have your account details you can start to use your account straight away. Your Vox Money Visa Debit card will be sent to the provided address within 7-10 working days.

Using your online Vox Money account

As soon as your account is confirmed, you can start managing your money with your online account. To use your account, click the pink ‘Login’ button, you will need your Customer ID, which can be found on your ‘Welcome Email’ and the temporary password we emailed, you will be prompted to change this password when you first login. Once you’re logged in, you’ll find all of our money management and budgeting features. With our easy to use online platform, you can manage your finances on any device, wherever you are.

Using your Vox Money mobile app

We want to make managing your account as easy as possible. Our mobile app helps keep track of your finances at the touch of a button. The Vox Money account mobile app allows you to take control of your money, wherever you are. To get started, simply download the app onto your smartphone, enter your details and follow the on-screen steps to get started. Click to download the app from App Store or from Google Play.

Your Vox Money account features

What makes your Vox Money account different to a traditional account? Find out about the fantastic features that make your account exclusively unique.

View your card and wallets anytime

Whether you’re using your online account on a computer or tapping through on our mobile app, you can always:

  • Check your individual balances for your card account and your wallets
  • Search your statements
  • View up to 6 years of transactions
  • Edit Your Vox Money account details and settings

Making transfers safe and simple

We do the basics well, and that means making it safe and easy to move money between your account and wallets. With your account you can:

  • Transfer money from your card account to your wallets
  • Transfer money from your wallets to your card account
  • Transfer money between your wallets
  • Review or cancel transfers

Flexible payments on time

As well as one off transfers, you can also set up regular payments for your bills and make changes to existing payments with a few taps.

  • Pay bills with direct debits from your card account or wallets
  • Set up a one off or recurring payment
  • Cancel recurring payments
  • Pay existing payees
  • Pay new payees
  • Personalise your payments

Easily receive payments

With a Vox Money account, it’s easy to have payments sent directly to you. With our account you can:

  • Receive one off payments and regular payments

Notifications to help you keep track of your finances

Find a better way to manage your money with our budget notifications. We’ll notify you straight away if a regular payment or direct debit fails so you can keep track of your money.

Keeping your finances secure

When it comes to security, we’ve got your back.  We’ll always look after your data and you can feel safe with:

  • Secure registration and login process
  • Automatic logoff of inactivity
  • Any data entered or accessed including password or account information, will not be stored on your device (mobile app)
  • There will be an encrypted transmission of data between your account and your device (mobile app)

If you have any more questions about using your account, you can refer to our Frequently Asked Questions, where we’re sure you’ll find the answer to your question. If you can’t find what you need there, get in touch, email us at [email protected] or call our customer services here.

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