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A Vox Money account made for you, no matter what your
financial history. Sounds like progress. Find out more about
the Vox Money account.

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The online account
for everyone*

If you feel held back or ignored by the high-street banks, our account gives you the freedom and power to grow. When you sign up for your Vox Money account, you get access to your fully transactional e-money account where you can:

  • Send and receive money through your online account and mobile banking app
  • Pay bills and rent directly from your account every month
  • Use your Vox Money Card to pay for goods online and in shops with our contactless capability
  • Withdraw cash and check your balance at ATMs and cash machines*
  • Never go overdrawn – you can only spend what’s in your account

*All users must be over 18, subject to customer due diligence and other verification checks. Fees and Limits apply to a Vox Money account, please refer to our Services & Fees section for more information.

Manage your money
from your pocket

Our app makes it easier than ever for you to securely manage and spend your money. Simply download our free app on your smartphone to get started:

  • Secure registration and login process, so your data is kept safe
  • Access to your Vox Money Account for everyday spending
  • Up to 5 account wallets for budgeting bills and monthly outgoings
  • Set up payments with a few taps of your phone screen
money management at your fingertips
budgeting tools

Budgeting tools to
manage your money

When it comes to managing your money – we’ve got you covered. Our range of budgeting tools help you to manage incomings and outgoings and never lets you go overdrawn. With your Vox Money account you get:

  • Payment alerts to remind you when direct debits and standing orders are coming out of your account
  • Account wallets to keep your spending money and essentials separate
  • Budgeting tools to help you stick to budget

Cashback when
you spend

You deserve something back for trusting us with your money. We offer cashback and rewards from some of the country’s biggest retailers every time you spend with your Vox Money Card:

  • Up to 13% cashback on purchases
  • Brands including Marks & Spencer, Asda and Sainsbury’s
  • Paid in one lump sum to your account at the end of each month
Sound customer support

Sound customer

We are here to help, with Vox money experts waiting at the end of the phone to help you with any problems you’re having.

Up front fees, loud and clear

Up front fees,
loud and clear

We want to be straight with you, so you can find any of the minimal fees we do charge to keep your account running online here.

No overdrafts, no worries

No overdrafts,
no worries

With Vox Money, you can only spend the money in your account so you can’t be overdrawn.

Working with Credit Unions

Working with
credit unions

We work with hundreds of credit unions around the country to help make members’ money more accessible through our card and mobile app.

Keep it in your wallets

Keep it in
your wallets

Our online wallets help you manage your money and keep spending money and monthly outgoings separate.

We’ve got your account on lockdown

Put your card
on shut down

Lost your card? Let us know and we can block your card until you find it. It’s easy, you can also freeze and unfreeze your card from your mobile app or online. You are in complete control.