About us

An account for you, from people who listen? Sounds
like progress.

Introducing Vox Money – The Voice of the People. We are a
community of like-minded professionals who want to build
a better way for people to manage their money.

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From those underserved, excluded or seemingly ignored by high street banks to those simply looking for a more inclusive alternative, Vox Money exists to give you access to the modern world of money management. 

Alongside our innovative e-money account, we provide you with the financial tools you need to do what you need to do, and get where you need to get to.

inclusive current account

The exclusively inclusive Vox Money account

Giving access to those previously ignored and underserved by banks.

digital money

Transforming digital money management

Providing innovative, accessible budgeting tools to all to change the way people manage their money.



Find out more about the values that make
Vox Money – The Voice of the People.

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Our family

Vox Money is an E-money Account, one of many products built by Sercle. Our range of innovative accounting
tools and financial technology is designed to empower, educate and propel organisations and individuals at every stage of your financial journey.

our family


Sercle products are powered by Omnio – a family of innovative financial products and services serving customers globally.